Celebrate Youth

Middle School & High School

middle school

Celebrate’s Middle School youth meet at Celebrate on Sunday evenings 6:00pm - 7:30pm (doors open at 5:30pm for hangout time). Our desire for each student is that they would be a disciple of Jesus. In Greek, “disciple” means learner, so our goal is to create a launching point for each student as they move toward adulthood to become a lifelong learner of Jesus. We love questions and work to create a place where our students can ask them so that we can learn the answers together.

high school

All high school students from both Celebrate and the greater community meet at Crosswalk (810 W Robinson) on Wednesdays. Doors open at 5:15pm with dinner served at 5:30pm. Worship and small groups start at 6:30pm and they are done at 8:00pm.

Meet our Youth Leader

Klay has a real heart to see young people move toward a life-long journey with Jesus. He encourages the tough questions and walks alongside students to find the answers together.

Young Life Pastor - Klay Korver