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You Be The Judge Series Resources

Here's a helpful list of books, videos, infographics and more to help you navigate Judges.


These Videos can help make sense of Judges!

Books and Articles

Here is a list of books and blog posts we recommend to help you understand Judges better:


Judges for You - Timothy Keller


Judges & Messianic Hope- Tim Mackie

Judges Map

This Map shows you where the events recorded in the book of Judges can be found geographically.

Use this map to orient yourself to where things occurred in our world.

The Cycle of Judges Infographic

In the book of Judges the people of Israel go through a cycle that repeats itself and spirals over time.

Judges Timeline

Although you can read through Judges over a few days, the events recorded in this ancient book took place over a period of 400 years. Use this timeline to help yourself understand the flow of Judges.

Judges Overview InfoGraphics

These infographics can help you make sense of the themes and people in Judges.