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Bible Reading & Study Resources

Here's a list of tools to help you navigate scripture.

Online Tools

The Bible Project

This website is full of video and blog resources to help you read the Bible and understand each book better. The resources are completely free to use. Dig even deeper with their free Classroom option, where you can take master level classes on the Bible.

Bible Gateway

On this website you'll find the entire Bible in nearly every translation. You can keyword search, use study tools, and read articles to help you understand the Bible better.


YouVersion Bible App

This app is a must have! You'll have the entire Bible a tap away, in any translation. Keyword search, choose from hundreds of devotions and reading plans, highlight, and study.


Apple Store



The Bible Recap

This short, straight to the point podcast helps you read through the entire Bible. Each day you read a small section of Scripture and listen to a 5-8 minute podcast that recaps what you read. If you have the YouVersion Bible app, you can follow right along with the Bible Recap reading plan. This is a favorite of many Celebrators!

The Bible Project

The Bible Project podcast digs deeper into themes in the Bible. At about an hour long, it's great to listen to on your commute.

Reflections by Bible Project

This is a short daily podcast by the Bible Project. It's easier to digest and apply as a daily devotional tool.

Exploring My Strange Bible

Tim Mackie invites fellow "Bible Nerds" to listen to his take on the Bible and all its complexity. A great listen for people who want a more in depth study tool!