Celebrate Church began as a restart in 2000 in what was formerly a Pizza Ranch restaurant. From its inception Celebrate has been focused on vibrant worship, meaningful messages, investing in children and youth, reaching out to lost, lonely, broken people, blessing our community and celebrating the difference Jesus makes. Building on that foundation Celebrate desires to be part of a movement that experiences what only God can do in changing peoples’ lives..

Celebrate’s Mission:

Be Disciples of Jesus

Disciples are people who arrange their lives to:

Know (be with Jesus)
Grow (become like Jesus)
Show (do what Jesus did)

Celebrate’s Purpose:

Join God in His work of transforming the Knoxville area & beyond by connecting people to Jesus.

2020 Vision:

Invite God’s supernatural movement by establishing a house of worship & prayer.
Cultivate a culture of spiritual growth by maturing & multiplying disciples.
Expand our impact by refreshing our look & reshaping our organization.
Spread the tangible love of God by developing strategic ministries & partnerships.

Core Values:

Seeking and responding to the living God
through Scripture, prayer and in community.
Demonstrating a spirit of hospitality
with an attitude of generosity, graciousness and care.
Upholding a culture of excellence
by giving God the best of our time, talents and treasures.
Engaging in actions that bless
which are creative, meaningful and sacrificial


Celebrate is a member of the Knoxville Area Ministerial Association, the Convergence Group Network & The Reformed Church in America denomination.